Monday, July 9, 2007

More Reasons that Google is Really Cool

More Reasons that Google is Really Cool.

This article points out some of the various reasons why Google is a computing monster.

First of all, they have an incredible, almost organic computing structure which allows them not only to do massive computations on massive datasets (100 TB+ a day) but also to continue scaling the ability of those services to potentially no end.

Secondly, Google has one of the world's largest computers which is composed of thousands of smaller commodity computers. The brains of the collective computer allow each individual component-computer to fail without having to be immediately replaced. By analogy, our very own brains redirect neurons to make connections with other neurons when the situation calls for it. Also, our blood vessels can grow around damaged tissue, restoring blood flow back to normal.

Thirdly, Google has recently added a cadre of solar panels to their computing facility in order to cut back on costs and save the world from greenhouse gases!

This brings up my next Google in fact transforming to become the first artificial life? It has it's own source of power (sun) and has massive computing resources much of it driven by artificial intelligence....hmm....could be!

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Kent said...

Fascinating, awesome...and scary all at the same time.

Maybe "The Matrix" was a fictional foretelling of "The Google"?